Make your power point design better

Make your power point design better

Right away, how about we jump into the crucial standards of design that are behind an extraordinary PowerPoint presentation.

Visual Hierarchy

Any kind of design begins with visual hierarchy. What precisely is visual hierarchy? This refer to the course of action of elements in a way that it suggests significance. With different words, by designing elements with a more grounded differentiate than others, you can influence how we see what we see.

The hypothesis of visual hierarchy encourages you characterize the structure of your PPT design slides. Great visual hierarchy guarantees that the correct elements are getting your consideration.

Slide Layout Design

In view of how visual hierarchy functions, you can apply this learning to make successful PowerPoint slide designs.

For each slide, try to comprehend what is the most essential message that you require your gathering of people to get a handle on. In light of that, you can guarantee through design, that this will be the substance that individuals recollect.

This goes more distant than simply designing one slide. For instance, you may have a couple of slides in succession about a similar topic. In any case, the last slide with the conclusion could be the slide you need to add that additional visual weight to all together for your crowd to pay take note.


The correct decision of typography goes far in enhancing the design of your PowerPoint presentation.

A general lesson is that great text styles are imperceptible and awful typography decisions are seen straight away. For instance, if your entire presentation has Comic Sans as a text style decision, individuals will take note. When you see a text style, it’s regularly on the grounds that the intelligibility of the textual style is very poor. On the off chance that something is hard to peruse, it requires considerably more consideration of your gathering of people to focus on your presentation.

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