Best Mobile App UI in 2017

Best Mobile App UI in 2017

The end of 2017 is drawing near. It’s been a great year in UX design with prominent re brands from popular organizations, for example, Dropbox, Kickstarter and HuffPost. As ever with a UI design rejig, there’s the great and the awful. This made them consider a portion of the best mobile app UI designs we’ve seen for this present year.

We cast a wide net while seafaring the internet to discover some of our favorite designs this year and in addition a couple of unique picks that inspired us from dribbble. Read on as we think back finished the year and examine what we adore about these mobile app UI designs


Best Mobile App UI - Todoist
Todoist, the app that causes you get everything in order. To do list apps are a dime a dozen in this busy, wild universe of UX design however what influences Todoist to pop is the interesting decision of color palettes, including red and orange – a bizarre decision for UI design. But it works, particularly when joined with their unique illustrations and spotless and clear UI design. It’s exactly what you require with to do list app – couple of diversions and a simple to utilize interface.

What we love in this app: Friendly and encouraging UX copy. Psst, don’t underestimate the significance of copy in your UI design.

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Mobile App UI - Potted

Potted isn’t a real app, unfortunately. But, we wish it were. Potted is an idea by Judah Guttman for plant darlings who are regularly left with dead, unwatered plants. What’s great about this current app’s smooth UI design is its shrewd utilization of cards to represent the plants throughout your life and the scrolling timeline at the best, demonstrating to you which plants should be watered. This is one upscale plant following app that takes a gander at home on iOS.

What we love in this app: Great utilization of symbolism and the local iOS feel.


Mobile App UI - Dropbox

Dropbox really drove the pontoon out with their rebrand this year. The typographic choices – in this example, Sharp Grotesk and Atlas Grotesk – were a delightful amazement among an ocean of Proxima Nova and Future. The rebrand carried with it another quieted color palette and eccentric hand drawn illustrations which feature on their site and mobile app – making Dropbox’s mobile app UI stand out from the group for all the correct reasons.

What we love in this app: Unique illustrations which include real character.

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Mobile App UI - Calm

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Calm is a mobile app which help you in meditate. It’s brimming with works out, music, stories and strategies which are altogether presented delightfully in the UI. Gratefully, there’s no reason for stress with this mobile app’s UI design. It’s serene, clean and influences you to need to begin contemplating instantly as opposed to continuing to deceive yourself that you’ll begin one day. Simply shut your eyes!

What we love about this app: Subtle utilization of angles and clean typography.

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