4 Graphic Design Trends for 2018

There are only a few days left in 2017 and we’re moving nearer to the new year 2018.

Graphic design has always been a skill that We hope to enhance annually and it doesn’t help that designs trends are always changing. That’s the reason this year, we have prepared a list of design trends to pay special mind to in 2018

Here are 4 graphic design trends you have to know for the 2018 calendar year.

Loud, Popping, Bright Colors

Our social feeds and the web, in general, are all loaded with unlimited amounts of content. In fact, more than 1.8 billion photos are uploaded to social media a day. It is hard to convey the desired information if your audience never finds the opportunity to take a gander at it.

Utilizing loud and bright colors will enable your content stand to out from the image filled social feeds. Remember, this doesn’t mean you ought to go out and write your text with bolded red textual style utilizing an orange background. Blend colors legitimately so they consolidate to create an eye-catching image. Utilizing instruments, for example, Colorhunt is ideal for picking shading combos that stand out for your visuals.

Unique Layouts

2018 is all about having designs that stand out and the design layout is the same. Having symmetry on the design canvas has always been a standard in the trade, however, companies have started to test away from this. Designers are starting to create asymmetric designs that use neutral space inventively.

Since symmetry has been so standard in design, it’s turned out to be nonexclusive to the eye and asymmetric designs make a great showing with regards to of capturing attention because it’s so unique in relation to what we normally observe.

Design Elements and Overall Style

The use of patterns, lines, and circles have been conspicuous for a few years now and that won’t change anytime soon. You should keep on seeing patterns incorporated into designs, along with geometric shapes.

Geometric Shapes

A design component which has been around for at some point now and won’t phase away anytime soon. The use of shapes to create designs will keep on being a major factor in 2018. The geometric designs that will fly out the most will be ones that are joined with other popular design elements and something that is one of a kind.

Low Poly Design

A low poly design will give your bit of work a more 3D feel. The poly design has dominated the design condition over the past year and this pattern does not feel like it will end anytime soon. The low poly designs are being joined with bright colors, hand-drawn shapes, and duotones, to really stand out while giving a significantly more current look to graphics.

Use of Typography

A component of design that has always been important to graphic design is typography. Picking the correct text style, text dimension, textual style intense, and text style spacing is vital. In the new year, hope to see BIGGER and BOLDER textual styles.

Moving Visuals

When we talk about moving visuals, we’re getting into a further developed side of graphic and website architecture. Although these may not apply to you, I wanted to diagram a portion of the trends that are taking place in this technical and cool part of the design.


Moving images, for example, gifs are taking the web by tempest and we are starting to see increasingly GIFs across our news feeds and emails. A GIF is essentially made up of several images that are sorted out to create a short circling visual. Fundamentally the same as Vine, however with images instead of video.


An image that has segments that move are called a cinemagraph and are seen regularly on platforms, for example, Instagram and some of the time by brands. This is a one of a kind approach to design and joins video and authentic imagery into one piece.

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